As a life long intuitive scientist I love to explore unanswered questions; but at the same time science is limited, so engaging the co-creative energies of natural intuition has led to many a success. Loving animals and nature as far back as I can remember, I obtained a BS in Wildlife Biology and Range Ecology with a focus on whole system thinking and applied behavioral ecology of wild horses. Realizing that Nature did not need much help as it was doing fine on its own, I returned to graduate school very dissatisfied with scientific paradigm at the time to explore our relationships more deeply with nature and animals. I obtained a graduate degree in Inter-disciplinary Consciousness Studies and researched the relationships between human, animals and nature.

For the last 37 years I have blended my passion working in a variety of fields including the horse industry, reclamation and natural resource management, animal-assisted therapy, eco-psychology, cognitive ethology, eco-tourism, sustainable community development and any other applications where the knowledge of human-animal-nature relationships would be helpful.

I continue to explore our relationships with other species and how to co-create a compassionate and sustainable world from an integrated perspective blending science, culture and philosophy.


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