Catalyst for Consciousness

•December 15, 2013 • Leave a Comment

Consciousness seems to be evolving as people struggle to find deeper meaning in their lives. “Boomers” are taking breaks from work to enjoy life, young people are questioning their futures and entrepreneurship is growing at an unprecedented rater. On top of those good signs, the largest growth in the horse industry is in the human-horse interaction field as thousands of people sense the connection horses have to be ambassadors to the natural world. People and other animals are growing their relationships and talking about their companions as individuals , not numbers.

So even as the world looks bleak with climate change, polluted water and air, over population, destruction of natural systems, there is change on the horizon. The soul will not let creativity die, nor will it allow beauty to be wiped out. So perhaps as humans push society to the brink of total destruction, there are seeds germinating all over in the ash; waiting and ready to emerge into a beautiful new creation. From death and destruction comes new birth and beauty. The old paradigms, struggle as they may to maintain fear and greed as manipulative energies are being seen for what they are by  many. The veils are being removed and through the fog of uncertainty, new ideas and creations are being born.

We are in the struggle for human existence, trying to define ourselves in relationship to the whole. Our connection to nature and the realization  our inner nature is intrinsically woven into our perception of our outer nature is becoming clear to many. Catalysts all over are moving into writing books, speaking, educating and reaching out to convey this critical message coded into our souls and imprinted into our DNA.  We are all one.  We are mere drops of water out of the same sea seeking to define ourselves as individuals, but at the same time feeling the call to be part of the whole.

Collaborations and coming together to share and build communities reflects our growth as a society. Moving away from the individual and moving toward the good of the group continues to be a theme. It is a wonderful time to be on earth as part of the growing number of catalysts. We are here to ignite the creative reaction, to inspire, to empower, to provide support to welcome the new collective consciousness of hope, beauty and loving connection to all life.

Happy 2014. It should be a booming year.

Human-centric vs. Life-centric Perspective

•January 11, 2010 • 1 Comment

For centuries, modern humans have viewed the world from the human’s perspective. This view does not allow us to think, feel, or sense the whole system of life in which we interact and live. Native people needed to connect with nature in order to survive, but our modern technological age has moved us away from nature into a human-centric void.

Now is a critical time for humanity and for all life. It is imperative that we humans exercise our ability to view the world not only from our perspective but from that of all species. Don’t simply observe the world; be a participant!  Learn to look “with” instead of “at” animals. Be one with all that is around us, even if all you can do is imagine it. Imagination will set the blueprint for becoming -which will cultivate a deeper connection with all life.

Our inner and outer natures are closely related. What we believe affects how we “see’ the world. Change your beliefs, and you change your world view. Even if all that you can do is to mimic your dog for a day -try it and see how your feel at the end of the day. Take time to sit in a garden and become part of the bird life by listening to the songs, the cycles… the rhythms of nature. Begin each day by breathing in the air being exchanged by plants and animals. This is the same air that has been breathed for millions of years. Begin the shift from human-centric to life-centirc and feel how your views change.

Anthropomorphism vs. Zooanthropomorphism

•January 8, 2010 • 1 Comment

Many years ago while I was giving a paper at a Cetacean conference on human-animal interactions with dolphins, a colleague raised his hand and stated that I was being “anthropomorphic” in my assignment of temperament traits to dolphins. Well, I responded quickly (feeling the “curse of the scientist”) that to the contrary we humans were being very zooanthropomorphic in our assignment of animal emotions to humans. Since animals have existed for millions of years before humans and have such demonstrated a wide expanse of emotions, then it is our human-centric view that sees ourselves as the center or the universe and therefore we are incorrect in viewing emotions in animals as anthropomorphic.